August 8, 2021

The title of today’s post may make some wonder, why ask such a question? Isn’t it obvious why God gave us the Law? Apparently, it is not obvious enough to millions of people, from the beginning of God’s Law being given to us right up to this present day.

First, many readers may even question whether the Law is still in effect today. Absolutely it is. If you would like to know how I can say it is still in effect today, please read the entire book of Matthew. Jesus raised this issue himself. He said, “Do you think I came to do away with the Law? No, I have come to fulfill the Law. And not one jot, nor tittle of it shall pass away…(a jot and title referred to punctuation marks, like a period or comma).

Not only does the Bible teach about the whole Law, but we are told we better not add anything to God’s Word, nor take anything away from God’s Word. Looks like the Lord laid the gauntlet down to us on that matter.

So, Dear reader, you may ask, “What’s so important about God’s Law today?”

Simple. God’s Law today is STILL how God instructs us. Things we are to DO, as well as things we must NOT do. Of course, when one studies the 10 Commandments we must realize that they are only a great skeleton that had to be fleshed out to get the total Laws of God for the day in which they were given to us until today.

Looking at modern times, I quote from one of my favorite U.S. President’ thoughts as he gave a great speech. President Ronald Reagen said: “ All the laws we now have in this great country we live in came from the 10 Commandments. “

I’ve forgotten exactly what year it was that Reagen made that speech. But I am afraid to have to say this, But not ALL laws we are having to abide by today come from those same 10 Commandments that Reagen loved and quoted about.

Let’s look at just a few changes that non-Christians have changed from the original 10 Commandments.

God said, male and female he made them at the creation of Adam and Eve. We can’t say that now. One prominent news magazine was quoting from a national leader of this great earth God gave us and said, “No, there are many many genders, over a hundred, and people can vacillate back and forth between them at their will. “PURE BLASPHEMY!

And just recently it has been mandated that birth certificates Shall NOT list the birth gender of a baby. DEPLORABLE!

Just one more horrible law or new custom anyway. Marriage. No No. Marriage is now relegated to the dust bins of history. Marriage is now not only considered irrelevant but is said to be responsible for all the social problems now found in America.

I could continue, but why? You see what’s happening in America right now before our horrified eyes.

This now brings me to a quote that is so relevant in America as well as the rest of the earth. This quote is from a man that I had never even heard of until Sandra and I moved from Arkansas to Longview, Texas 2 ½ years ago to be near our family already living here in Longview.

I do not watch much television, period. But on Sundays I always enjoyed watching several religious shows, particularly sermons being preached by many great preachers. That’s when I first saw and heard of this great preacher I’m going to tell you about. His name is Venerable Fulton J. Sheen. When I first saw his program, I was scrolling through the many religious channels available in our location and caught his program while he was about halfway through his sermon. Within only a few minutes of listening to him, I became spellbound over his bold preaching. I immediately became a loyal fan of his programs broadcast every Sunday morning. I had watched him loyally for about six months before I was somehow made aware that I was watching old re-runs of his programs. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen had been deceased many years ago. He is now in the long process of being declared a Saint.

Thank Almighty God that His Word can be, and is still. relevant way beyond the grave. Now to quote from this great preacher/prophet Fulton J. Sheen: “ A religion that doesn’t interfere with the secular will soon discover that the secular WILL NOT REFRAIN FROM INTERFERING WITH IT. “

I don’t know when Sheen first made the quote, but when I first read it, I said, “Bingo. Amen for someone brave enough to state what the position of the Church is and always has been. But too many in the Church leadership have let their guard down and preached what was popular to be heard by the faithful and Not offensive to anyone. My My, we can’t hurt anyone’s feelings, can we? “

If the Church had not become complacent, even irrelevant to many, there would have/should have been a great outcry against the evil going on in the entire earth. There would not have been all the new laws made making the citizenry scared and willing to go along with anything just to exist.  Go along, to get along many say. I say, “It’s the blind leading the blind.” The Bible says that’s when they all fall in a ditch.

Whatever happened to our vows before God at our baptisms? Did not we state under oath to God that we would follow Him even unto death? (Vows may be different from church to church or denomination to denomination, but mean the same to all Christians).

I’m not sure of the author of this quote (I did not have time to look it up. Sorry). But I think it was Edmond Burke who said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Does that not sound like the age we are in right now?

Let’s back flash a few hundred years ago. And I cry when I read this, every time.

Please read The Declaration of Independence when you finish reading this post. All 56 signers said in the last sentence of this divine document, “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor. “

A little further back. Since before the death of Jesus, there have been thousands of martyrs who have died defending the faith. So much so that a book was written about many of them. Foxes Book of Martyrs should be a must-read book on every Christian’s list.

Now, look at the many cowards in our country today. Yes, clergy, to rank and file citizens and political leaders and many more who are not willing to die for the honor of preserving freedom for our children and grandchildren.

Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, thanks for speaking out about one of the reasons for the existence of the Church today – to speak out about sin and corruption wherever it’s found.

Dear reader, we can and MUST fight back against the evil going on in our country right now. Are you willing to die for Jesus?

God bless,
Spencer and Sandra Plumley

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