April 25, 2021

In response to the above question in the title of this post, many people reply, saying, “Dr. John Doe is my healer.”

If I know someone who gives that statement as an answer to the question (without offending them) I will ask, “But Who gave your doctor the skills and talents to become a doctor?” Sometimes my question confuses the person I ask that question to. Some have said to me, “Well, he, uh, attended the University of ___________, and then went to ____________ Medical School.” That may be an appropriate answer for some people, but I delight in telling them that God, and God only, gives people the skills and gifts to become a good doctor. I have had many doctors tell me that about themselves.

Last Thursday, April 22, 2021, I had to have a complete knee replacement. The first time I met my surgeon, he told me that there had been so many advancements in knee replacement surgery that it wasn’t nearly as hard on a patient as it used to be.. He went on to say that the surgery was mostly done by a robot now, with a computer connected to it, to tell the doctor just what to do. He said that sometimes he is given options by the robot as to what to do next. And this is the part of the first appointment we had together about my knee that really impressed me about this doctor. He said to me, “Mr. Plumley, I’m not smart enough on my own to know which option to take, so that’s when I call on God to help me and guide me as to what to do next.. My first prayer over the pending surgery occurs while I am washing my hands just before surgery.”

The second time I met with my doctor concerning the knee surgery, he was dressed more casually in a v-shaped neck on the shirt that allowed me to see the cross hanging from his neck. I said to him, “Doctor, I like that cross hanging around your neck.” He said, “Yes, I wear that cross 24/7/365 days a year. I never take it off.” That’s when I was certain that I had picked the right surgeon out of many that practice in Longview, Texas.

The surgery was early last Thursday morning. As soon as i was laid on the operating table and the anesthesiologist was putting me to sleep, I heard my doctor praying for me and his team that they would be guided by God to do the best that they could do. I was so relieved and confident that God would bring me through the surgery after hearing my doctor praying. I went to sleep still hearing his prayer.

Four hours after the surgery, I was up walking the hallway outside my room. The physical therapists in charge of many exercises which would follow, asked me what my pain level was, and I told them “It is less than the pain I had endured for the past four months.” They could not believe that, but it was true. Now, when I get up, I can tell that my knee is a little stiffer than it was before my surgery, but that lasts for only fy first three or four steps. Thank God!

Mostly, or at least first, when I think about the great Healer, I recall the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, when the great prophet is telling about the future when Jesus would come and be so many things for us, including His having to go to the cross. The fifth verse of that chapter tells us, among many other benefits of the crucifixion, that with His stripes we were healed.

So, that’s my answer to all healing, whether one goes to a medical doctor or through some other source, that our Lord is indeed THE Healer.

God Bless You,
Spencer and Sandra Plumley

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