January 24, 2021

The past three or four months, I have seen more arguing and discussion over who is or is not a prophet. Some of the people arguing go back to biblical times, while others talk much about modern-day prophets.

I’m talking about seeing the discussions on all the social media I am a member of.  Particularly Twitter. There are several people on Twitter that I read their Tweets, even though I know little about them.

And that includes several Catholic Priests who debate each other over whether Pope Francis is the legitimate pope or an imposter. Then they will argue over something the pope wrote whether he’s a true prophet and speaks from the same chair as Peter did. These Priests are highly educated men, so to me, I enjoy seeing both or many sides of this issue.

So I want to write about what is a prophet and what is not a prophet. I’ll begin with the Biblical prophets, which there were many legitimate ones.

One of my favorite prophets was Isaiah who lived approximately 740 B.C.  Remember, he’s the prophet who told God, “Here am I, send me.”  And oh how God did use him. Isaiah wrote a book that pretty much sums up the whole gospel even though that time would not appear for 700 years after he wrote about it.

Of course, there were other subjects, too, that Isaiah wrote about in his book that I don’t have time to write about in this post.

My favorite prophecy that Isaiah wrote about and predicted was about the coming of the Messiah, the Savior of the whole world.

I’ve read many commentaries on this book. Many of them were written hundreds of years ago. None of those commenting on Isaiah say that he predicted exactly when he thought that the Messiah would come. He just somehow knew that that DAY would come. Of course, Isaiah was right, even though Jesus would not make his appearance for many centuries yet in the future.

While discussing Isaiah, I must quote from one of my favorite chapters in the whole Bible. It’s from Isaiah 53. It’s the chapter that tells about Jesus being the suffering servant that Isaiah had predicted would come.  I’ll only take time to quote one of the verses. It’s verse 10. “Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him; he put him to grief: when thou shall make his soul an offering for sin…”

One final comment about some of Isaiah’s commenters: many said that history revealed that many who heard his prophecy considered him to be a false prophet because they did not see his prophecy come to pass. “Oh, ye  of little faith.”

One other mention of a Bible prophet. His name was Amos. He was so humble that he did not believe he was a prophet. He once told Amaziah, “I’m not a prophet nor the son of a prophet.”  But he truly was a prophet.

Now let’s discuss modern-day prophets. Don’t believe in such a thing? You live beneath the privileges of God if you don’t.

Look quickly at the Bible itself. The Book of Revelation was not written about until approximately 100 years after Jesus made his heavenly assertion. John ,of course, wrote about the book, but someone else put it into final form. Would not that man have been a modern-day prophet? Not just a lowly scribe?

Where in the Book of Acts does it say or suggest that once all the original apostles were gone, that the Bible and other prophecies were finished, ended? It’s not there!

One of my favorite Bible scriptures that explain the continuation of prophecies is from II Thessalonians 2:15. I quote: “Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word (the continuation of modern-day prophets.) or by epistle (the written word of the Bible.)

So indeed, there are modern-day prophets.

I want to share with you a modern-day prophet I knew about well. It’s a sad story and you may already know about it.

This horrible event took place around 1987-88. There was a humble radio preacher whose broadcasts came out of Little Rock, Arkansas. His last name was Whisenhunt. People who knew him said he was very smart and had a degree in engineering and had worked in that profession many years before he entered his independent ministry.

I had never heard of him let alone listened to his broadcasts. One day he made a prediction which he proclaimed to be proven evidence as to the very day Jesus was returning. It was only a few weeks away as I best remember.

Well, the night came and went in which Jesus was to have returned, (as most Christians already knew was false). That next morning as Sandra and I were having breakfast, I asked her, “I wonder what Mr. Whisenhunt will say about the no-show? “

It wasn’t 10 minutes later that I got a phone call from one of my parishioners. I could tell it was something urgent. This dear sister told me that her son-in-law ,who was also a member of our church, had received very bad news the night before. Then she explained: her son-in-law had a mother and sister who lived together in Hot Springs, AR, not far from where I pastored. His sister’s deranged boyfriend broke into their house the last night and demanded that his sister and her mother accept Christ as their savior right on the spot. (They both were already active Christians and went to church every week.) But they would have confessed anything under the circumstances which would follow. As soon as they confessed Christ as their savior, the sister’s boyfriend took a machete and chopped both of them into pieces, totally dismembering them. He admitted to all of this to police saying he was afraid they would miss the return of Christ had he not killed both of them.

It wasn’t long after that event that I was transferred to a new parish. But several years later I was invited back to the church where this member of mine had had to cope with the awful memories he had. His mother-in-law got me off privately and told me this young man would never again be normal. He trusted nobody anymore and kept saying he was going to look up this perpetrator who killed his mother and sister and chop him up too. As well as the so-called preacher-prophet.

I never heard any more from that young man>But even today my heart breaks for what he went through.

So my question is: Who was the real prophet, Isaiah or Mr. Whisenhunt? The answer is obvious.

But I don’t want to leave this question dangling about Biblical prophets or modern-day prophets. Some prophecies are what I call still dangling. I mean, there was/is no time attached as to when the prophecy was to happen. Many I have not seen happen yet, but I know that someday they WILL occur – especially from our trusted Biblical prophets.

As per modern-day prophets, I just don’t know yet and may never know in my lifetime. But I do not doubt the existence of modern-day prophets. Who am I to judge their work unless they prove unreliable

Maybe that’s how you should also view modern-day prophets.

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God Bless,
Spencer and Sandra Plumley