October 5, 2019

In Matt. 6:21, Jesus taught that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Where is your treasure? What is your treasure? Jesus also said just prior to the preceding passage I mentioned that we should not lay up for ourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust corrupts, and thieves can steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.

I have officiated at hundreds of funerals in my career as a minister. But I’ve never seen any deceased person take anything with them to eternity except maybe a suit of clothes.

I really get upset with people who live too extravagantly, and especially with people who flaunt their wealth. No, I’m not jealous of them. Actually, I feel sorry for them, for all too often, their physical treasure is the only treasure they know.

Sandra was reading a magazine yesterday and it had several articles in it about super rich movie stars and other celebrates. She asked me, “I wonder if these people are really happy, if they even know God?”

I was reading what I thought was a very good story several years ago about a very rich pop singer who gave $10,000.00 to a needy family whose son needed surgery so that he could walk. Then the spoiler came toward the end of the story. The writer of the story wrote that the information for the story came  from the singer’s publicist.  Automatically I had two bad feelings about this singer. One, his giving $10,000.00 out of his billion-dollar-plus wealth, was like maybe me giving one penny. And, two, why did he have to hire a publicist to brag on him?

It reminded me of the story in Mark 12:42 when Jesus observed a poor widow woman putting two mites into the church collection. He said, “She has put more money in than anyone else, because she gave all that she had. The rest of the givers only gave of their abundance.”
I’ve read about many wealthy people throughout history, from biblical times right up to the present. Most, I’m sorry to say, don’t use the wealth God blessed them with properly. Especially when most of it goes to lavish themselves.

Andrew Carnegie came to America as a very poor youth from Scotland. He became very wealthy. And he felt the responsibility to use his money to help humanity. He published an essay in 1889 titled, “The Gospel of Wealth.” Everyone should read it. In the essay, he stated that a man who dies rich, dies disgraced.

Several years ago, I read about Warren Buffet, the multi-billionaire stock investor. He gave nearly all his money to another billionaire’s charitable foundation to be used for the sake of humanity. Warren Buffet lives in a very modest house he bought many years ago. He is using his money appropriately, as God intended.

I read an article a few weeks ago on the internet, about some wealthy people and their houses. One had a house valued at ninty-five million dollars; another person’s house cost eighty-five million dollars. And on and on the story went, including showing photographs of their houses. After a few minutes of this story, I got sick of reading about the greed and turned  the story off. I’m sorry to say that some of the stories were even about some of my favorite preachers whom I watch frequently on T.V.  I wondered about all these people, “Do they own these houses, or do the houses own them?”

Again, where is your treasure? I don’t have much treasure on earth. Just my family, my friends and my relationship with Christ and what I do for the good of humanity.

Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” One of those mansions can be yours.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley