February 19, 2020

I often told the story from the pulpit about a couple who had a five year old son who kept asking them, “Where is God?”

The couple just couldn’t answer their son’s question satisfactorily, so they asked their pastor if he would talk to their son and try to explain that tough question. The pastor invited the little boy to go fishing with him.  Out in a boat on a beautiful lake, the pastor asked the little boy what he thought of the lake and all the pretty trees around it.  The little boy said it was real pretty.

Then the pastor asked what the little boy thought about the mountains around the lake and the blue sky up above.  Again, the little boy said it was all very pretty.

The pastor said, Johnny, you know God made all theses things.  He created them from nothing. 

Johnny said, “Really?”

“Yes, He did” the pastor replied.  Then the pastor told Johnny that his mother and daddy had told him that he was curious about where God was.  The pastor then said, “Johnny, God is in all these things all around us and all over the world.  And God is in you too because He created you just like everything else He created.”

Then the pastor got to what was so important and explained as simply as he could to a five year old boy what all this meant.  “Johnny, God loves you very much and nothing in the world can ever separate God and His love from you.”

Back at church the following Sunday, Johnny’s parents told the pastor that the fishing trip had really helped their son to understand more about God.

However, at five years old, Johnny was too young to fully grasp all the implications of God’s love and omnipresence.  It’s too bad but many adults don’t quite understand all that that means to them either.

Although God is everywhere and God is love, we have to make some active choices on our part to have a complete relationship with God.

Much of the way God responds to us depends on how we respond to Him.  God’s promises to us and the quality of our relationship with Him are conditional. 

If we don’t try to walk closely to God and listen and obey His will in our lives, we’ll never have, or be, all we can be in that relationship.

This is getting very theological, and more preachy than I usually am in these posts.  An example of the fulfillment of promises by God to us would be whether we choose to accept Jesus as our savior.  We are made with the freedom to choose.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve choose to disobey God.  That’s called original sin.  And ever since then, humans have been tainted with that first sin.

But we don’t have to fear.  God IS everywhere. And anyone can choose to accept Jesus to be their savior. Once we make that choice to become Christians (meaning Christ-like), we must follow Him and obey Him if we really want Him to live in our hearts.

Now, this post wasn’t too hard to read and understand, was it?  I do recommend you read Romans 8:35-39, to see what Paul said about being separated from God.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley