June 13, 2021
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The title of this blog post is the exact words that a total stranger came up to Sandra and asked her about two months ago as she was getting ready to go into a grocery store to pick up a few groceries.

Sandra told me the whole story of this event when she got home from a shopping trip to the grocery store that she thought would only take her about 30 minutes at the most. Instead, she was gone over an hour.

She told me the whole story as soon as she got home. She knew that I may have been worried, but her story was not just to explain why her trip took so long, but to share with me how God used her in such an unexpected way and even in a crowded grocery store.

Allow me to pause here briefly before continuing with the story. Two and a half years before this event,  Sandra and I had just moved to Longview, Texas, after I had recently retired as a pastor in Arkansas for 50 years. We soon became involved in a wonderful church here that we both dearly love, but somehow we knew that God wanted us to continue in ministry ourselves as we had been partners in doing all those years back in Arkansas. So we both prayed about this and asked God to use us however and whenever He wanted to. You could not possibly understand the way God has used both of us, individually and collectively since we made ourselves available to Him. There are reasons why we made this offer of ourselves to God, but I’ll not try to explain that now. Maybe some other time.

Furthermore, people need to know what a change Sandra has made in her willingness to do or say anything for God at any moment. She was always rather shy and reserved but now has changed a complete 180 degrees. I did not mean to imply that Sandra was in any way not knowledgeable about the Bible or what it had taught her about the Lord and having faith in Him. Many of my and Sandra’s friends have told me that Sandra has more faith than anyone they know. And that her faith is so completely the child-like kind of faith that Jesus wants all of us to have. I must admit that Sandra has shown to have much more faith than I at many levels and times in our lives. And she can pray the most beautiful prayers of anyone I’ve ever heard praying.

So now back to the story about this man Sandra met in the foyer of this big grocery store. She said she had stopped to get a cart to put her groceries in and was disinfecting the handles when she spotted this man on the other side of the foyer getting a cart too.

She observed that this man appeared to be staring at her. He just kept waiting until finally, Sandra told me that he began coming toward her. She said the man looked to be in his mid-forties and was well dressed and groomed. And that’s when he began speaking to her with this lead question, “Lady, what’s wrong with the world?” Sandra said he asked the question with a lot of curiosity as though he just had to know that very moment what the answer was to his question.

Sandra has always been polite to people and she said to him, “Sir, what do you mean; what do you want to know? At that moment Sandra said she could sense something was troubling this man very much.

This man, I’ll call him Bill, was very polite to Sandra, too. She said she could see that Bill was well educated, but had this pressing need to get her opinion as to what was wrong with the world.

She asked Bill, “What exactly do you mean?”

He told her that he had been a prominent member of an old main-line church downtown and had been for most of his life. And then he began telling her his problem. Bill said that his church, about a year ago, started doing things that were totally against some of the Commandments of God. He began telling Sandra some of the problems bothering him and she told him she agreed with him that these things were contrary to biblical teaching.

Then Bill told Sandra that he left that particular church and started to go to one of the same denominations on the other side of town. And then Bill told Sandra that his new church was letting the same unbiblical teaching creep into it.  Then Bill asked Sandra, “Whan am I supposed to do? “

Sandra told me at this point in their conversation that she just did not know what to tell him he should do. But the answer came to her as by some sort of miracle. She said, “I can see you love God and want to do the right thing. Just keep asking God to lead you into the truth and he will take care of you and your family.”

They both parted company and Bill told her he appreciated her taking time to listen to him and giving him such good advice.

So Sandra and I kept up the discussion between ourselves as to what’s wrong in the world.

We both agreed that people who are not rooted and grounded in God’s Word, simply have no clue as to what’s wrong in the world or why.

We stated that from the beginning of God’s making humans there has been evil turned loose on them to make them stray from God, and in many cases even deny that He ever existed.

Even among Christ’s hand-picked disciples, one would betray him. And that betrayal has continued until even now.

People have indeed become lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. And that’s bad.

Some people will do anything if they think there is pleasure in it. They forsake God for sports, concerts, vacations, all manner of illicit sex, you name it and people will lust for it.

Our corrupt school systems now even teach very young students that there are many genders and if you get tired of being a boy, become a girl. And there are “experts” to tell the kids, “Yeah, it’s okay. There are many genders and you may vacillate between them at your pleasure and will.”

Indeed Bill, “What’s Wrong With The World.”

As Christians, it’s our responsibility to be here to tell others why we have the hope within us that we do. The Lord never told us that it would be easy. Simply that He would be with us.

God Bless,
Spencer and Sandra Plumley

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