August 15, 2021
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Many of you already know that last Sunday night, August 8, 2021, I was tested positive for Covid 19.

Unfortunately, for me, that was not a surprise.

Our daughter, Rachel, an R.N. at a nursing home was sent home with a positive test for Covid 19 on Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021. She has self-isolated ever since that day and I don’t think she has left her room since.

But for several days before learning she had Covid 19, I had been around her a lot. I’m not suggesting Rachel gave Covid 19 to me, but at any rate, I have it.

Since I first posted a prayer request for myself, about my having Covid 19, I have received many replies from well-wishers about praying for a speedy recovery. But I have also received MANY questions asking where do I think this Pandemic is heading?

My post today will try to answer that question.

A few months ago I wrote a post about what many people around the country were wondering out loud. Their question was, “What’s the big deal about Covid 19? “

I tried to find that post, but it is somewhere in my archives and I just did not have time to find it. But I can remember some of the points I made in the post.

First, I pointed out that Covid 19 was in 7th place in worldwide deaths. Far behind The Black Plague, Bubonic Plague, The Spanish flu of 1918, even behind deaths due to the Aids Virus. I did qualify the number of deaths posted before my writing that post 0n the Saturday before the day of my post on that Sunday. I said that those numbers could change depending on how long Covid 19 continues.

Since I posted that post, I have kept up with the numbers of deaths who have died from Covid 19 from many doctors, scientists, etc. NOT connected with any government agency anywhere around the world.

Many of those independent people are now saying that the world will never be free of this virus, period. Then they cite their reasons for that belief. All of which seems reasonable to me.

This now makes my question of “What Will Happen Tomorrow?” even more relevant.

Since the days that numbers were kept about the deaths of great pandemics, we see that humankind can not control when Pandemics may occur or know what to do to prevent them or stop them.  Most of the past pandemics simply burned themselves out over time.

Now, let’s look at Pandemics before the dark ages or middle ages.

That takes us to biblical times.

Many plagues and pandemics are mentioned from the time of Adam throughout the entire Bible. Many of them we may think, “just happened.”  Then,  what about the ones that God Himself said were poured out on the world of that time as specific punishment for the sins of that day? “

That’s a lot to think about.

And I am not suggesting in any way that Covid 19 is one such plague.

But I do fast-forward to the New Testament where we are told that “In the last days,  that perilous times (Dangerous) times will come. “ 

Are we there yet? I don’t know. But things do not look good.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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