November 29, 2020

November is always a great month for Sandra and me. We have several occasions we celebrate in November. First comes Sandra’s birthday, three days later we celebrate our wedding anniversary, then comes Thanksgiving Day, and the last event is my birthday. And that day is tomorrow, Nov. 30, 2020. I’m thankful to be turning 72 years old. By the way, my mother named me after Winston Spencer Churchhill, who has the same birthday.

I hope all people thank God when their birthday comes – another year behind,  and hopefully many more birthdays ahead. To me, when my birthday arrives, I start that day by thanking God for another year I’ve lived through.  But after that, I begin examining myself with several questions.  I bet you do that too.

I start by asking myself, “What did you accomplish with the last year God gave you. How did you use the many gifts and graces He gave you? ”That’s an awesome question to ask ourselves. The Bible teaches us that we will someday give an account of what we did in our lives for Him. I’ve heard many say to me, “I don’t have any gifts and graces.”  What could I do for God?  I tell them flatly, “That’s garbage. You do have gifts and graces that God gave you.  Many times you may even have unique gifts, etc.”

If I have time, I will share with them the great parable Jesus told about a great man leaving on a journey. But before he left, the great man gave talents to three particular people. One he gave 10 talents, to another he gave 5 talents and to another, he gave one talent. Eventually, that great man returned from his journey and called those he gave talents to give an accounting as to what they did with their talents. The man who had been given 10 said he had invested the 10 and gained 10 more. He was highly praised. The man who had received 5 talents said he had invested the 5 and had gained five. He too was highly praised.  Then the man who had one talent said he was afraid to use his talent, that he may lose it. So he buried it for safekeeping.  Not only did the great man not praise this servant, but he also rebuked him severely. He told that man that he was taking the 1 talent away from him and giving it to the man who originally had 10 talents.

What a lesson! We often hear phrases like, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  That would certainly apply to this man who did not use what he had been given. Furthermore, I’ve always preached that one should bloom where planted. You are where you are, geographically, for a reason. That’s up to you to find that out and figure out what to do with your gifts. And here’s another biggie about your gifts and graces – we are also taught in the Bible that to whom much is given, much is required. How sobering!

Today may not be your birthday like Winston and me. But you do have a birthday every year. So start asking those questions daily that I told you I ask myself. I could continue on and on about gifts and graces, but won’t. I’m sure if you’ve read this post, you’ve figured out that you DO have many gifts and graces from God.

So I close by saying, “GET OUT AND USE THEM.”

God Bless,
Spencer Plumley

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