Saving The Good Name of a Family Member

September 19, 2021
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Today’s blog post is a sequel to last week’s Sunday Blog Post. That blog post was actually more about one of my favorite political speeches of all time. The speech is commonly referred to as, “ THE ARENA” by Theodore Roosevelt, who was President of The United States at the time the speech was given at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, on April 23, 1910.

However,  that ARENA SPEECH needed a decent introduction as all good speech writers know. And I gave it an introduction with one of the best heroes I ever knew. Even if he was my first cousin and like a brother to me all our lives. AND even though he was only around eight years old at the time the event happened that made him my lifelong hero.

But in the introduction of that ARENA SPEECH, I only used the first two parts of his complete name. But even so many of our friends in a little country town of Lewisville, Arkansas, knew who we were and made favorable comments about going to school with James Lee.

Today, I want to change that mistake from last week and tell you his complete name. It was James Lee Redmon.

Still, that will not tell everyone much about him, except that he was a real person who only lived to be 63 years old. He died at the same age as his precious mother, my Aunt Leo Sinclair Redmon.

Nobody knows, not even my closest family could possibly know, how much I miss him.

Let me interject this truth: It’s not the number of replies I get about a blog post I have written but the quality of the ones I receive that’s important to me. And last week’s post had many high-quality comments.

Today’s post title is derived from what I deduced over a many-year period that told me for a certainty that I knew why James Lee got the blood beat out of him in the woods on our little campus.

He was protecting the good name of one of our precious family members.

I know that for sure because I overheard a conversation between my Granddaddy Jay Sinclair  and my Grandmother Mae Sinclair.

I never told a person that I had overheard their private conversation.

However, the very same thing happened to me when I was in the eighth grade, playing junior-high football. But I guess I did not have the strong integrity in me as James Lee had at only eight years of age. I blew up big time when I heard and saw what happened concerning  my Granddaddy Jay Sinclair.  I had asked him if he would take me to football practice as my regular ride would not be able to take me that day. He said he would not mind at all, especially when I told him it would only take about an hour. I knew he was simply being gererous to me as he really hated football because he knew nothing about it, and did not care to learn.

So he was out in the bleachers beside the field waiting for our practice to end. He probably was napping, and when he woke up, he discovered nobody on the field. So he did what any smart person would do. He started looking around to see where everyone had disappeared to. He saw the only building big enough to accommodate that many boys and went to it first. It was the Fieldhouse. He went to the door and found it locked.

So he started going around the building and peeping through the windows. He had to press his eyes tightly to the windows, as they had a glare. All of a sudden, several boys at once started laughing at what they called an old man that had snuff all over his face. How would anyone want to admit they knew such an old man like that?

It was just all of a sudden that I saw Granddaddy’s profile and, frankly, I was very angry.

I jumped to my feet and said, “Who was laughing at that old man? “

The coach just happened to see and hear all that was going on. He said to the guilty boys , “Tell  him who you are. I have all your names anyway”. So they gave me their names. I told them all, from this day forward, never speak to me at  all. I never want to hear you ever say anything to me again.  If you attempt to speak to me, I will bloody your nose or knock some teeth out.  I already had decided if Granddaddy found out what had happened, I would just tell him a bunch of losers were trying to cause trouble.  To my knowledge, he never found out about what really happened.

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God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley