January 2, 2022

First, Happy New Year to all my dear readers.

You may not have read my New Years’s Eve quote that I posted on December 31st last night after everyone else had gone to bed or were busy doing other things.

I opened my quote with words that I had never thought of or heard before. I still do not know where they came from.

Those opening words were: “It is not beginnings which are most important. It is the endings that are most important.

I went on to explain that my family had chosen to make the ending of 2021 a good ending. I was honored to read Luke 2 to our family who chose to celebrate at home. It was Sandra, Rachel, Summer, and me who made that bad year a time of celebrating it with a good ending.

So, knowing that I was going to be writing this blog post today, Sunday, January 2nd, 2022, I intended to continue with the same theme as my quote had been for New Year’s Eve.

How may each of us, individually, make our entire lives turn out with a happy, desired ending?

That is a great question which we must search for the correct answer diligently.

Each of us has encountered so much in our life’s journey up to this point we are now in. Many things we have encountered were good, many were bad. So how do we learn from the good and disregard the bad?  That is the question that lies before us. It is the point made in the title of this blog post. How can we un-learn the bad things of life we do not want to continue in or otherwise be un-trained from them?  The title suggests that we can not.

That is then a very unfortunate place to be in, right? My precious Uncle Buddy Plumley was famous for saying that experience is the best teacher, but it can be darned expensive sometimes. He was, and continues to be, correct.

So, what can we do with the bad things we have learned and now want to discard them as though they never happened?  The answer is all too sobering. There is not one thing that WE can do about our past sins OURSELVES!

But thank God ( yes, God)  there IS a remedy!

The REMEDY is what the remainder of this post is all about.

I wish now to extrapolate an experiment I knew about and learned from an old friend of mine. It compares the nature of dogs with humans. You will find this interesting, so continue reading.

My friend owned a large poultry farm not far from where I lived. He owned 24 chicken houses where the chickens were produced for food. Broiler houses they were usually referred to.

My friend had a loyal dog which he had owned for many years and the dog went with him where ever he went.

Unfortunately, my friend’s dog hated chickens. So the dog would break through the wire of the chicken houses, or find a way to crawl under the chicken house to get to the chickens.

The bad part is that the dog was not breaking into the chicken houses to kill food to eat, he would just kill several chickens and drag them back outside and pile them up in a pile.

My friend was losing a lot of profit in raising chickens that could not be sold on the market, so he devised a plan to “break” his dog from such a bad habit.

Well, my friend told me the idea was not originally his, but that he had heard that it worked from some poultry growers in another state.

The solution was to take one of the dead chickens and tie it as tightly as possible to the neck of the dog and leave the chicken there long enough that the dog would have learned its lesson.

So that’s exactly what my friend planned to do. He said it sounded reasonable to him that the dog would learn its lesson quickly.

However, my friend had not implemented his plan yet when he told me all about it.

Coincidentally, I was experiencing the same problem where I lived. Sandra and I had a little chicken house where we were living and we had a small dog, Presh, who also hated chickens. Every few days, Presh would break in on our chickens and kill several and just pile them us as, maybe, trophies.

I remembered my friend telling me how to solve the problem, the remedy.

So the next time I saw where Presh had killed some chickens, I got one and tied it around Presh’s neck as tightly as possible.

After three or four day’s Presh looked so miserable that I was certain he had learned his lesson, the hard way.

So I released him from the stinking, decaying chicken.

Guess what?  Two days later, Presh had killed several more chickens. So I said quite disgusted to Sandra, “ What are we going to do to break Presh from this horrible habit?

She said to me as wisely as Solomon would have said to me, “ NOTHING. It’s in a dog’s nature to hate chickens and we can never do anything to stop it”.

Then a loud noise said to me in my head, “Sandra is 100% correct.”

That gets us back to my question about humans. What can we do to stop our sinful natures? Again the answer is “NOTHING ON OUR OWN”.

That’s when we discover our REMEDY.

There is ONLY one answer. And that is to turn our lives with all our sinful ways over to God. HE had a plan from the very beginning of humanity. That period which we refer to as, ORIGINAL SIN. We are born with the horrible desire to stray from God’s will for our lives.

God decided that over time that He would return to earth as a baby human. He would grow up among humans knowing all about them, their needs, their hurts and pains, everything about the man.

God as the Christ child knew there was only one answer for human kinds needs. HE would have to be the only acceptable sacrifice that could die for humanity’s sins.

So He, Christ, carried His cross up the Hill of Golthah, hanged upon the cross until He finally said, ” IT IS FINISHED “.

He was referring to God’s original plan of how to save a lost world.

Now it’s up to you and me to repent and ask His humble forgiveness. He will NOT make you do this. It is up to you. Will you do it today?

Read the great motive for this great plan in one verse: John 3:16.


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