May 2, 2021

I sure got a big surprise yesterday (Saturday) morning around 3:00 a.m. when Spencer asked me to write this blog post because he was not going to be able to write one himself. It was such short notice to me, but I told Spencer I would write it. I’ll explain later why he was not feeling as though he could write a post himself.

This story begins around Sept. 17th of this year when I learned I was going to have to have surgery on my right foot to correct a hammer-toe problem that I had been suffering from for many years. My surgeon told me before the surgery that it would be very painful and take a long time to completely heal. He was so right. I’m still having trouble with that foot, and the two toes that were operated on, even now.

If Spencer had not been helping me by doing the cooking, cleaning the house, and waiting on me completely, and by loving me and encouraging me while I was hurting and crying, I just could not have made it. I hear him up during the wee hours of the morning washing dishes. He has always been here for me to help me when I could not help myself.

Then came March 4th of this year when I was told that I needed a complete knee replacement surgery on my right knee. I had no choice as my knee was going completely out. So I had it scheduled and got it done. Again, Spencer was there for me doing everything possible he could do for me, not just because I could not do those things for myself, but he told me he did not even want to see me worrying about all those chores that would have been piling up for me to do later.

Spencer somehow knew that I was feeling guilty over all the hours he was up doing everything for me he could do. Then one night as we were having our devotions before going to bed, Spencer told me that what we had always done for each other was part of God’s commandments for married people to do for each other since He told us that a man and woman would become one flesh, once joined together in Holy Matrimony. We’ve been married for nearly 56 wonderful years.

Now it’s my turn to help Spencer as he had to have a complete knee replacement surgery last April 22nd.  That was just ten days ago. Spencer’s surgery went well and he got to come home from the hospital last Saturday, April 24th. Since he got home, I’ve been up constantly doing all I can to help him during his time of recuperating. With God’s help and guidance, I do all the physical things I can help him with, plus I spend a lot of time with him encouraging him in the Lord, especially when I see him having a bad painful day.

I keep reminding Spencer of one of our favorite Bible passages. It is found in Isaiah 53. The great prophet looks ahead and sees Jesus having to be crucified. Thank Almighty God that Jesus came, not just to die and save us from all our sins, but Isaiah says in the 5th verse that with His stripes we are healed. We both believe that completely.

Jesus loved us so much that he willingly suffered for us because He loved us so much and still does today. We as humans could not possibly know the pain He suffered for us. We simply can not even begin to comprehend it. We are incapable of loving as Jesus did. We need to learn how to walk with Jesus daily and always give Him the praise and honor He deserves.  And love Him with our whole hearts. He is still the Lord of all Lords and the King of all Kings.

If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve written, and believe it, please share this post with others.

God Bless You,
Sandra K. Plumley