July 25, 2021
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This is Sandra writing today. I’m sure that the title of this post tells my dear readers what I want to write about today.

Last week I also wrote a post titled, MY BEST FRIEND MAY BE DYING SOON. Today’s post clearly tells my readers that my worst fears about Peggy have become reality. Peggy went home to be with the Lord and receive her much-deserved eternal rewards on Monday, July 19, 2021, at 3:30 P. M.

I don’t want my readers to think that this post about Peggy is some kind of an obituary because it is NOT. I couldn’t write an obituary about Peggy even if I wanted to because she came from a large family with several siblings and other relatives that I was never made to know about.

So today’s post is about many things I want you to know about Peggy and our friendship of over twenty years. Once I finish this post, I will make several copies of it and last week’s post to give to Peggy’s close family members and especially to Kadison, her great-granddaughter whom she was raising and absolutely the apple of Peggy’s eyes.

I told you last week that Peggy and I first met at the place where we both worked. It was a large manufacturing plant that made aluminum products, mostly high-end shower doors and bathtub enclosures, etc. It was a big plant with an assembly line that moved really fast. Peggy and I both worked on that line at times. That’s why I was so surprised that she and I bonded so rapidly and became best friends during all the hustle and bustle of that busy workplace. Thinking about mine and Peggy’s friendship this past week revealed to me WHY Peggy and I became friends as fast as we did. It was Peggy’s radiating Christianity that everyone recognized throughout that plant. Indeed, she was a devout Christian and witness of the Lord without her ever even having to open her mouth.

Before I write further, I want the readers reading this post who never knew Peggy to please continue reading, as you too. will discover things in this post that are very similar to you and some of your friends. Trust me.

The beautiful part of a woman like Peggy and her obvious Christianity is that she drew all kinds of people toward her who wanted to be her friend. I don’t think anyone in our workplace or beyond had a gripe about Peggy, period.

One other person besides myself had already become friends with Peggy before I went to work at that plant. It was my sister, Johnnie Faye. But everyone calls her Gundy.

So during the 17 years that I worked around Peggy, you would also see Gundy, Peggy, and me together. We were like the Three Musketeers. However, all the younger workers in the plant affectionately called us The Golden Girls. Yes, wherever we would go together in the plant people would say, “ There go The Golden Girls.” It was funny to all three of us.

Peggy was about two years older than me, and Gundy was a few years older than Peggy. But age never made a difference in the three of us or our friendships together. When we were on break at the plant for mealtime or just a break, we always talked about our families or whatever we had on our minds – both good things and sometimes bad things affecting one of our lives at the particular time.

I eventually retired from working at that plant, and 2 ½ years ago I moved with Spencer to Longview, Texas, after he retired from pastoring in Arkansas for 50 years.

But no amount of distance could ever separate mine and Peggy’s love from each other. We both continued calling each other by phone just to check on each other and catch up on the latest news. It always made me feel so good to talk to Peggy. It was like as you’ve heard, “a breath of fresh air” hearing her familiar voice. Sometimes we could only talk for a few minutes, but sometimes much longer. One time when I was talking to Peggy, Spencer was in the same room, but never tried to keep up with whom  I was talking to. He just knew I was talking to someone. After one conversation Peggy and I were having when we finally hung up our phones, Spencer asked me, “Who have you been talking to for two hours on the phone?” I said, “I haven’t been talking to anyone for two hours.”  Spencer said, “Oh yes you have, I just happened to notice the time when you started.”  Then I said, “Well, I’ve been talking to Peggy, but I had no idea we had talked that long.”

That’s how our conversations often went. We just would completely lose track of the time we were having so much fun talking to each other.

Peggy and I kept promising each other that we were going to meet up somewhere and have our birthday dinners again just like we used to do before I moved away.  But we never did.

As I look at mine and Peggy’s 20-year friendship, naturally I have some regrets now that she’s gone home to be with the Lord. I think all people have some regrets after losing a dear friend or member of their family suddenly. I regret that I could not have been near Peggy’s side while she was suffering the ravages of Covid 19 and pneumonia at the same time. I was told that Peggy was in a near-coma the last days of her life. But the family said they knew Peggy could hear them talk to her as she would squeeze their hands as hard as she could to let them know she was hearing them. Oh, how I wish I could have spoken into Peggy’s ears and told her one last time how much I loved her. And to have gotten a good hard hand squeeze from her telling me she knew who I was would be absolutely priceless to me.

No amount of words could ever describe a friendship such as Peggy and I shared. I will always miss her and remember her forever.

There’s just so much more that I would love to tell the whole world about Peggy and me. But I must stop this post somewhere.

So my closing words of this post are to Kadison:  Dear, I loved your Meme well before you were ever born. And I will love your Meme and remember her till my last breath upon this earth. And Kadison, I know how much you loved and adored your Meme, too. As you get older, you will remember all the good times the two of you shared together.  And you will look back on your Meme and see how many sacrifices she willingly and lovingly made for you, to give you the best life she could give you. And finally, Kadison, you know we shall all see each other soon in Heaven.

God bless all who read this post.

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Love to all,
Sandra Plumley