October 23, 2019

In 2 Timothy, Chapter 3, we learn some very important things in the first four verses: that in the last days, men shall be lovers of their own selves, and that they shall be lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.

Recently there was a very informative Associated Press article in my local newspaper about the many sports stadiums being built across the U.S.A.  The buildings cost in the billions of dollars each.  There’s a reason all these new stadiums are being built. They need to be bigger and more luxurious to attract all the new fans who attend the sporting events, and spend billions of dollars on having pleasure.

The last issue of Forbes Magazine listed the 400 richest people in America. One of them on the list was the owner of The Dallas Cowboys, whose net worth is over eight billion dollars. And the Cowboys have a new billion-dollar-plus stadium, almost half of which was paid for with taxpayer dollars. I only mention him because he used to be from Arkansas.

The same can be said about the big music venues. In both sports and music, it’s not unusual to read about 70 to 80 thousand people being in attendance.
Last week I read about the surge of gambling casinos that have been built in Oklahoma in the past decade. People flock there from all surrounding states. The state is making a lot of money from people having a good time gambling.

Having fun and pursuing pleasure has gotten out of control. Many people’s priorities are completely wrong, and it causes destruction in families all across America and around the world.  Not only does it cause emotional and physical ruin, but also spiritual.

I often wonder of the millions of people attending sporting events and concerts each week and spending billions of dollars, how many of them went to church that week? How much money did they donate to their church or other worthy charity?

The Pew Research Company recently issued their findings on church attendance during the last decade. Attendance is down and continues going down. What a shame. But dollars spent on pleasure is well up, and continues to rise.

How many hungry and homeless people could be helped with just a little of that money that so many people spend on pleasure?  In addition, so many pleasures are bad for one’s soul when the pleasure is placed ahead of God. What about pleasures that are bad for the body? Too much alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and even too much food. The list is very long.

I want to end with a positive thought found in Hebrews 11. Moses chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season; esteeming the reproach of Christ GREATER riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompense of the REWARD!

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley