April 22, 2020

One of my favorite parables of Jesus is the story of the Good Samaritan. Jesus told the story after a young lawyer asked Him what one had to do to obtain eternal life.  Jesus told him what the Law stated.  The lawyer said, “All these things I have done since I was a youth.”  Then Jesus told him he needed to love his neighbor as himself.

It was at this point the young lawyer seemed to have gotten argumentative with Jesus.  The lawyer then asked, “Then who is my neighbor?”

Jesus told the famous parable then.  I’m sure you know it, so I won’t repeat it.  At the end  of the story, Jesus asked the lawyer who among the three men that passed by the near-dead stranger in the ditch was a neighbor to him.  The answer, of course was the man who helped the man in the ditch.  And the helper neighbor was a Samaritan.

The point Jesus made was that anyone could be a neighbor to another if he would be willing to help someone out during their time of need.  Jesus illustrated that to be a neighbor, one does not have to live next door to you, or even in the same neighborhood.  For that matter, even in the same town or state.

Some of my greatest joys in my life have been the neighbors I’ve had.  A neighbor is also supposed to be a friend.  Not necessarily someone who can help you, but someone you can help too.

In my 50 years of pastoring, I had many different parishes I was privileged to minister to. Every time it was time for me to leave and go to another parish, I would tell my soon to be former parishioners the same story.  I would tell them what a joy they had been to me and how much I loved them.  And how much I had learned from them.

So, after retiring from pastoring in January of 2018, I made a move to Longview, Texas where we live with our daughter, Rachel, and our granddaughter, Summer.  We love living together and get along well.

But I had no idea I would miss pastoring so much.  I thought it was my time to rest and relax.  God let me know soon He had not given me permission to retire.  I didn’t think I was called to still pastor, so what was I to do?

I decided to start a blog and make two posts a week, every Sunday and Wednesday.  I’ve been doing that about seven month now and have over 100 posts in my archive.

I thought at first I would just be writing mostly to family and friends.  And I do have many family members and friends who read my posts regularly.  But I had second choice.  My first idea was to do a podcast.  I knew nothing about either one.  I had to learn on my own.  It would have been a little harder to start a podcast first: harder to learn and more expensive to get set up.  But there are many more bloggers than podcasters.  But actually they work well together.  Blogging can help promote one’s podcasting and podcasting can help blogging.

So, I have been studying how to get a podcast launched for about two months.  I have all my equipment set up in my office and I have learned how to podcast.  I need to work a few technical bugs out first, but I will officially be launching soon.  My hold up right now is getting my artwork for my podcast cover approved by Apple Podcasting.  Then having the application approved, which consists of Apple’s approving the title of the podcast and the description of what the podcast will be about.  That doesn’t take but a day or two after Apple receives everything.  Right now I am waiiting for my graphic artist to finish my cover.

My blog and the new podcast are both of the same genre and subject matter.  Health/ Weight Loss/ Inspiration.  I can hardly wait to begin.

I’ll let you know as soon as I know.  I will tell you how to log into Apple and all you’ll need to know.  However, my podcast will only be once a week for 30 minutes.

I’ll be giving listeners the opportunity to write me by email with questions or comments. I hope it will be very interactive.  I request your prayers for a successful launch.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley.

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