April 19, 2020

Even if you only studied high school history, you studied about World War 2. And naturally, when you got around to Germany’s role in that war, you learned about Hitler and one of his right hand helpers, Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels role in the war was as Hitler’s main propaganda operative.. He was well educated, an excellent public speaker and had really learned how to use the latest media: radio and film. Goebbels was the main person who persuaded Hitler to wage all-out war, so they could achieve their objective.

Goebbels was good at what he did. He told insiders many times that if you told your story often enough and to as many people as you could, that they would eventually believe your story – even if it was a lie.

Thank God, Hitler and Goebbels did not achieve their evil dreams.  Hitler committed suicide April 30, 1945 and Goebbels and his wife committed suicide the following day after killing their six children with cyanide.

So if Goebbels is dead, how can you say he’s alive and well?

I’ll answer that soon, after saying that I know this post will make many people angry at me and I’ll probably lose some subscribers.  But I must tell the truth, as I believe it to be.

Goebbels is alive today, living collectively withing the bodies of the Democrat Party and their friends, the left-leaning liberal national media.

I won’t focus on the lies told by the Dems the last 50 years.  Let’s just look at their propaganda since the COVID-19 virus was announced to be an international pandemic.

The Dems saw an opportunity to make President Trump look bad.  First they said he didn’t recognize the seriousness of this virus soon enough, and after he did see the dangers of it, he hasn’t done enough to stop it.

And when Trump moved to pass bills through Congress to alleviate the burden on our economy and individual people, the Dems hijacked the bills filling them up with pork that called for spending billions of dollars on their agenda which had nothing to do with solving the virus problem.

It’s my belief that the Dems don’t give a hoot about the economy or even how many people die as long as they can damage Trump and win in November.

And the media is right in there with them.  They want a Democrat win In November, regardless of the cost.

I’ve heard countlesd lies about Trump and other Republicans that have been proven false, yet the Dems don’t care.  Tell enough lies to enough people long enough and often enough and most people will believe you.

The Dems’ objective is to scare the hell out of American people.  Make the people blame Trump so he will lose in November.

I’ll admit, this virus is scary.  People have died and many more will die before it all over with. But lets look back at the Spanish flu pandemic that started in 1918.  Millions of people died worldwide.  But not every thing shut down and came to a halt.  Smart heads prevailed.  Leaders were saying we can work ourselves out of this crisis.  And they did.  Fear can be worse that the problem a country faces.

In Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inaugural speech of 1933, he made a profound statement.  Probably his most famous line of his presidency.  He told the people,”We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

At the time of Roosevelt’s election, unemployment stood at 25%.  Things did not look good for the future.  That’s when he started encouraging the people.

And today, right now, during this virus, things don’t look good for the near future.  That’s when real leadership of those in power must come into play. That’s what Trump has been doing since the beginning of this virus.  And other great Republican leaders have followed him.

Trump and others said all along that we can’t let the cure for this disease be worse than the disease itself.  But I am afraid it has been.  We see mass unemployment, companies bound for bankruptcy, and many other hardships on the horizon.

The other day, I heard an interview of a company executive who had to close down a major meat-packing company.  He told the reporter interviewing him that they had to close their plant because so many employees called in sick that they just didn’t have enough people to keep the plant running.  The reporter asked the executive why couldn’t they just hire some more employees to replace the people who had called in sick?

The executive answered him rather sarcastically and said, “How can you hire workers to work on a hard job when they know they can make more money by staying home.”

There was too much pork in these stimulus bills, mostly pushed through by the Dems in Congress.

Many people did not need these $1,200.00 stimulus checks.  We are teaching too many Americans to become socialists.

Yes, Mr. Roosevelt, we don’t need to fear.

One of the most used statements by Jesus while He was here teaching on earth was, “Fear not.”

And the last thing Jesus said to a great number of His closest followers as He was seen ascending into heaven was: “I’ll be with you always, even until the end of the age.”

If we do, indeed, believe Jesus, we have nothing to fear.  Let Him guide you during this troubling time. Do your best to stay safe.  But we can’t become recluses and stay hold up in our houses.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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