August 29, 2021
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That question was first asked by Solomon, No, I don’t think there is much new to be learned. Solomon himself said all was vanity and vexation. All that has been. there will be again.

Somehow, that does not give us much to look forward to, does it?

When humans consider the beginning of human history, and we see that all things seemingly simply repeat themselves over and over again, what may we hope for differently?

Perhaps nothing. But perhaps we see things much differently as we view the passage of time showing us things to be viewed much differently. Does that make any sense to you? To me, it does.

Let me try to explain my views. From the beginning of time (say, beginning with Adam and Eve) through to Abraham and the other patriarchs, to the time of Egyptian captivity, till Israel was delivered to the Promised Land, until the time of the prophets and Kings, we see God’s mighty hand at work leading His people. God always had a plan for them and it always appeared that history was simply repeating itself over and over again. To the New Testament Age, which I will speak of later.

The point, to me, is that every time I read these stories, not just new Books, but every new Chapter, I see things differently.

I need that, and I bet you do, too.

I look so forward every day to reading God’s Word, that I can hardly wait to begin early each morning reading it.

I don’t want this event to sound Holier Than Thou, but it happened. Several months ago, I was up very early one morning reading God’s Word, when my daughter, Rachel, came to the living room door, where I was reading, (she was at a distance and did not know I was reading my Bible) and said, “Daddy, you sure lose lots of sleep when you get up so early and read.” I said, “Yes, I do. But how can I even consider an hour’s worth of sleep to be equivalent to being in the Holy presence of God?”

I pray that many of you feel that way, too.

I said a while ago that I would talk about reading The New Testament later. Well, here we are!

As I read from The New Testament, I see the Church Age come alive as never before. I see our Savior working from the beginning until right now in our souls.

I’m sorry, but I’m weeping and rejoicing at the same time. I CAN NOT help it.

I pray that MANY of you are doing the same thing, too, right now.

The POLITICAL world is expiring right now. The LORD HIMSELF will be returning soon to rescue and redeem us from all this evil. Thank God! Are you ready? I can hardly wait, Lord!

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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