December 13, 2020

The title of this post is a question I’ve been asked many times over the years.

A quick short answer from the Holy Bible teaches that yes, there is a real devil. He was a fallen angel, cast out of Heaven by God. Since then he has had a vengeance against God and tries every way conceivable to harm God’s people.

A few brief examples from the Bible showing the devil’s existence begins in the book of Genisis. After God created Adam and Eve He placed them in a beautiful garden. They were told everything in the garden was there for them to eat – except for a forbidden fruit that was not allowed. Eventually, the devil appears to Eve in the form of a serpent who tempted her to eat the forbidden fruit. (there is at least one other occasion of an animal talking, a donkey) so don’t let that sway you away from belief in the devil. The devil finally persuaded Eve to eat the fruit and later Adam ate of it too. It was then God drove them from the garden to suffer forever for that sin. This is often referred to as original sin.

Another occasion showing the devil’s existence is found in Daniel 10:13. Daniel had been praying about a need that would impact Judah and Israel. Finally, Michael, an archangel appeared to Daniel and told him he had been trying to get to Daniel for 21 days but that the prince of the kingdom of Persia had withstood him (most scholars agree this prince was the devil). So the devil sometimes prevents our prayers from being answered as soon as we want.

In the New Testament, Matthew 4:1-11 we read where Jesus was tested by the devil after He had been fasting for 40 days and nights. I won’t write the whole story, but Jesus resists the devil and he left Jesus and angels came and ministered to him.

In James 4:7 we are told to resist the devil and he will flee from us. Then we read instances of Jesus casting out demons from possessed people. I’ll now leave the Bible and tell of other sources that prove there is a devil.

First, just in common teachings by false prophets, we are told that the devil is just a myth, a metaphor for evil in the world. Don’t believe that lie.

Many that deny the devil’s existence say he was just invented as a scare tactic to make people do good, or else face hell. When I was a little boy, my Uncle Doug Plumley, often told my brother and me that if we didn’t straighten up we would go to hell and when we begged for water, the devil would grab us and pour hot lead down our ears.  We laugh about that often as my uncle is a devout Christian who was just joking to us about many things the devil may do to us when we mess up in life.

Let’s now look at modern times which show us the existence of a devil and his influence on people.

Let’s start as recently as 200 years ago. Karl Marx was born and eventually would write the Communist Manifesto, which outlined how to take over the world by following 10 steps. All of those steps are very un-Christian. Marx was born a Jew but eventually became a Christian, a follower of the man who instigated the reformation. But by the time Marx started college he was a complete atheist. Another person who hated the existence of God and Christians in particular.

Marx’s philosophy of a utopia by following his manifesto has resulted in at least 100 million lives lost, mostly by the Chinese.

Marx thought he was a great poet and wrote many poems about the pact he had made with the devil. Surely we can see how the devil influenced his thinking and actions.

Now let’s look at Vladimir Lenin. He was born in 1870 and rose to power as head of the Bolshevik Party. He eventually was high up in the government of Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union. Lenin too was influenced by the devil to do horrible things.

A little more recently, look at the life of Saul Alinsky. He admitted he would go to hell even though at one time he professed to be a Christian. He boasted he would be with the devil, the first revolutionist.

He did so much harm, especially by influencing good people in the Catholic Church to help him in his evil plot.  You’ll need to do your research on all these examples of the devil and his continuing influence on God’s people.

I could mention many other leaders who surely were influenced by the devil including Hitler, Fidel Castro, and too many others to even mention.

In my first year in seminary, a student asked our professor if the devil was real? The professor said, “Well, yes, if you believe the Bible.” The professor eventually asked the students who believed whether or not they believed in the devil to raise their hands. Out of 30 students in that class, 25 raised their hands. I could not believe that 5 of our class would eventually be pastoring churches somewhere and teaching that the devil was only a metaphor for evil.

Indeed, there are far too many wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching lies. Jesus taught His followers to be aware of that.

I’m sure many won’t agree with this post, that I believe there is a devil. I leave them with a question. If you don’t believe in the devil, and someday find out you were wrong, what will be the fate of your very soul?  Please ponder that question.

God Bless,
Spencer Plumley

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