September 18, 2019

This is my first blog post. About three months ago I hardly knew what a blog was. And I certainly never dreamed that I would be writing blog posts. But something happened in my life to make me realize that I had a lot to offer my readers through writing a few blog posts a week. Let me explain.

After 50 years of preaching, I retired in January of 2019. All of my ministry was in Arkansas. I have a daughter and granddaughter who live in Longview, Texas and they wanted my wife, Sandra, and me to move in with them after I retired. So we did.

 The last five years of my life I have been in very poor health. It started with a full hip replacement that got infected with staph. I nearly died over that. And I still have staph infection in my hip. Then both knees went out and I have trouble walking due to both knees and my hip. Last November I found out I had severe gout all over my body.

The last few months of my ministry in Arkansas, I was so weak that I could not stand up behind the pulpit to preach. I had to sit in a chair.

So when we moved to Longview, I told God that I guess these illnesses was his way of telling me I needed to retire from preaching. I had always looked forward to retiring so that my wife and I could travel and just visit many different churches. I had paid my dues, I reasoned and now I could just enjoy other preachers’ sermons.

That was my plan for retirement. But God had other plans for me.
In addition to preaching all those years, I was also a very successful and award winning humorist. I really enjoyed that. One of my favorite jokes (actually a riddle) was this: I would ask someone, “Do you know how to make God laugh?”  The answer: Tell him your plans. It’s not a joke that produces a huge laugh from people, but it makes them think.

The Bible is full of verses that tell about God’s laughing at people over their plans and folly.

I guess God was laughing at me too. 

My wife kept telling me, “Spencer, God’s not through with you. He has work for you to do. Your friends and family are all praying for you and if you’ll keep doing what the doctors’ tell you to do, you’ll get well and feel better.”

Sandra was right. One of the main things three doctors told me to do was lose weight. I have done that. I lost from 275 pounds down to 175 pounds. That’s 36% of my weight. I feel better and have much more energy.

Then one day in prayer I heard God say to me, “Who told you that you can retire?”

I thought of the Apostle Paul. He was very sick. 2 Cor. 12 tells about him begging God to take this illness from him. But God said, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

So I started back ministering. I have a notebook with many names and phone numbers in it. People from all across the United States. Every day I call three or four people and talk to them. Encourage them. Maybe not a long conversation, just three or four minutes sometimes. But it helps them. Last week I called a lady I had not seen or talked to in over 40 years. Her grown son had just died. I talked to her and told her I would be praying for her. She was so thankful.

So I thought, why not start a blog? You can reach so many more people than by telephone. I think that’s God’s will for me right now.

My blog will be telling about how to get healthy, how to lose weight and how to stay inspired.

I hope you’ll subscribe, it’s totally free.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley