January 15, 2020

Your health consists of three separate parts.  You have your physical health, your mental health and your spiritual health.  Each one of these three parts of your overall health affects the others.  Your health is like a three legged stool. Which leg of a three legged stool could you cut off and not affect the other two?  The stool would be useless without all three legs.

I first heard this analogy used 40 years ago by Justin Wilson, a famous southern humorist.  I was at an event where he spoke and he talked about 30 minutes telling some very funny southern stories.  Then he turned serious.  He started talking about politics.  He was extremely non-partisan, but encouraged everyone to get involved in politics, especially by voting.  He recapped the history of our country and talked about the wisdom of our founding fathers.  Wilson said that our founders had the genius to set up our country with three distinct parts.  He said we have an executive branch, a legislative branch and a judicial branch. Then he said that all three branches are important.  They are like a three leg stool.  Then he asked that question I mentioned earlier, “What leg of a three legged stool could you cut off and not affect the other two”?  We have to have all three branches of government working effectively he said–or else government will fail.

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been in the process of writing a book about health.  I have been working on the book for over a year.  I should be through with it in about a month. I am going to try to get as many of my readers as possible to read the book and post a review of it on Amazon. That will be my publisher. It will be published exclusively as a Kindle ebook, available only through Amazon.

The book title has evolved from about three or four possibilities to the one I think I will probably use. THE LAWS OF ACHIEVING YOUR BEST PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH.

I have heard from and emailed several Kindle authors who’ve all said that your title should reflect very clearly what your book is about.

After I lost 100 pounds of excess weight starting a little over a year ago, I have had many people ask me how I did it? I even had one of my doctors ask me that question recently.  He said he really needed to lose about 50 pounds but he just had been unable to do it. He let me talk to him about 10 minutes on how I lost the weight and why.

I first started to write my book simply about weight loss and how I did it.  But as I started keeping notes I realized that other factors were equally important to my health and they affected each other.

I didn’t want my book to sound like I was just bragging on myself.  But then I remembered a famous quote from Dizzy Dean.  He said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

So I have done it, lost weight.  And I want to tell others HOW I did it and WHY I did it.  And how I have discovered that losing weight has affected me not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

I feel better, and Sandra and many others have told me I look a lot better. That has helprd me mentally or physologically by improving my self confidence.  And it’s helped me spiritually.  How? When I was so over weight and plagued with severe gout (which was brought on by my diet and being over weight)  I felt too bad to pray and study at times.  I was too sick at times to attend church.  Had it not been for others praying for me and encouraging me (especially Sandra) I am certain I would have died.

I will share in my book how being healthy affects all aspects of one’s life. This statement I am going to make should not be true, but it is.  People will judge you by how you look and behave.

An old adage says, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  But people do.  In writing my book (and I’ve written two other books previously) I have researched at length how important the cover is in selling books. Obviously, a book’s cover does not have anything to do with the quality or importance of it’s contents.  But good covers sell books.

You are like a book cover.  Too often, you may be judged by your outside appearance.

I had a wonderful friend who was a pastor for many years.  He was very obese though.  He was a very good preacher, and well educated. But no church that knew him wanted him as a pastor.  Fortunately he was in a denomination which appointed pastors, so as he was an ordained minister, he was guaranteed an appointment.  But his pastorates were always short. Main reason was his appearance and how his obesity affected his ability to get out in the parish and visit and mingle with people.  He died at an early age due to obesity and related issues.

People will even judge you by the quality of your spiritual health.  A lack of quality spiritual health affects a persons behavior: their moral values. This may be an extreme example, but if you were an employer, would you want to hire an atheist as an employee?  Probably not.  Because one with no moral underpinnings may steal from you, be unconcerned about his work ethic, etc.

I knew an athiest once who had no moral values at all.  He got angry with his son-in-law and invited him to a party at his home. Then he picked a fight with the young man, pulled his gun on him, and shot him dead.  He claimed self defense and eventually got out of the first degree murder indictment.

Same question about your mental health.  If you had severe known mental problems, would an employer hire you?  Could you even have good quality friends?  Hopefully you could have loving family and friends.  But do you see what I’m saying about how you are judged by each part of your overall being? Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Obviously, you can’t help everything that has happened in your life.  And all your problems can’t be solved by losing weight or doing anything else to overcome your issues.

I read a great book 10 years ago titled, LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS. It’s an autobiography by Nick Vujicic.  Nick was born without arms or legs. He was just a torso.  But he had a good mind and went on in life to become an international motivational/inspirational speaker.  He even got married a few years ago. His book tells about how he was scorned, judged, etc., and how nobody would hire him.  He couldn’t help being born that way, but he overcame his handicap the best he could.

Your health, all three aspects of it, is extremely important.  God wants you to be as healthy as possible and be a good steward over what he has blessed you with, so that He can use you to fulfill your life’s assignment.

If you have health issues as I did, do all in your power to overcome them.  Don’t foolishly do anything to your body that would impact your good health.  I did.  It was out of pure ignorance and neglect that I got so overweight that it affected my entire health.

It’s never too late to try to get as healthy as possible.  I recently learned a new proverb that I will use in closing.

The proverb is a question. It says, “When is the best time to plant a tree? The answer is 20 years ago. Then it asks, “When is the second best time to plant a tree?”  The answer is “Right now.”

Get in the best health possible, as soon as possible.  You will benefit in so many wonderful ways.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley