August 22, 2021

NOTE: Because I am still recovering from covid, I am trying to rest as much as possible; so am reposting this blog from March 11, 2020. It is maybe more relevant now. God Bless You, Spencer

“Fear not” is the term most used by Jesus in the Bible.  There are even versions of that statement throughout the Old Testament, too.

Why is that statement in the Bible in the first place?  God knew that we as His people were a fearful people.  Most of our fears come from a sense of the unknown.  And too, we have a lack of faith in God to take care of us during these times of not knowing and uncertainty.  It’s called worry.  I worry too much myself and have to ask God constantly to help me to be more trusting.

Worry can cause considerable stress and anxiety.  And that can make one sick or even lead to an early death.  There are so many medicines on the market today to counter our fears and anxieties.  And then there’s alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes and so many other things people use to counter their fears.

One of the exercises I use in my mind to alleviate fear and worry is to ask myself what is the worst case scenario of this fear?  In other words, what if my worries actually do come to pass?  (Statistics prove that that’s usually not the case, that our worries are mostly unfounded).  But what if my worry does happen?

Let’s look at a present situation bringing much worry to the whole world right now – the Coronavirus.  People are not only worried about themselves or family catching the disease, but also a large number of other possibilities.  Look what the fear is doing to the world economy.  Or what if there are quarantines or other travel restrictions and I get separated from my family?  What if the stores run out of food or other supplies?  What will we do?

My answer?  I don’t know.  All I do know is that there have been pandemics from the beginning of humans’ existance on earth.  Sometimes many have died. But we were forewarned in the Bible that in the last days there would be pestilence and other problems.  There used to be loctust that people could see.  Then there have been plagues that people could not see the reason for.  Fleas from rats caused some of the plagues.

Now this Coronavirus is caused by a germ too small to see by the natural eye.  But we are being told by experts what to do and not do to avoid the virus.  Hopefully, soon there will be a vaccine.

But what if there’s not a vaccine soon? 

Just yesterday (Tuesday), we received the first public asknowledgment that  the virus had been verified here in Longview, Texas.

I called my son, John, who lives six hours away in Arkansas.  He told me to be careful about getting out and watching where I go.  I’ll be as prudent as possible.  But what about that worst case scenario again?  I guess that would be if I contracted the virus and then died…

I told John I was not afraid to die.  We are all going to die someday – from something.

Naturally, one of people’s biggest fears of death is separation from their families.  And wondering how their family will survive without them.  That’s a natural thought.  But I’ve turned that over to God.  Only He knows the future, and the outcome of every situation.

I close with a thought that should bring you some comfort.  And I’ve used this statement at many funerals I have had the privalege to officiate.  It’s actually a question, and it is not a rhetorical question.  We need to answer this question.  The question and answer come from the Bible.

Oh, grave where is thy victory?  Oh death, where is thy sting?

We need not fear death, or beyond the grave, if we know Jesus as our savior.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me.  But I do know Who holds tomorrow.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley