April 11, 2021

All over this great earth today, including America, many people are living in fear. “Why?” you may ask.  The answer is simple: most people fear the unknown. I’ll explain a few unknowns that people fear, especially in American..

The latest fear started a little over a year ago when a deadly, and easily spread, virus made its way from China to America. If I remember correctly, the first known case of this virus showed up in Washington state, in an Urgent Care clinic.

After that discovery was on all media for a few days, Rachel came to tell me good-by before she left for work.  She asked me how was I doing? I said, well, right now I’m worried about this China virus –  how rapidly it may spread to other states, etc.

Soon, my worry became a worry for almost all of America because it was learned that those who got the disease, especially the elderly, were at grave risk of dying.

Still today, many are worried about this virus. Even though there are at least three different kinds of vaccines available to take, many have said they will NOT take any vaccine as they are not thoroughly tested, and worse, many think the vaccines are tainted with certain chemicals that can purposely kill the one getting the shot. Recently, one doctor and his research group began publishing to anyone who would listen, that these vaccines can target, say your liver, to go bad and cause death within six months. Or your heart, kidneys, etc. That may be a total untruth, but many believe these doctors that there is a sinister plot to depopulate an overcrowded earth. Wouldn’t a vaccine ,required to be taken by every human, be a cheaper way of depopulating than – say, a bloody war? Much cheaper too. Believe me, many are thinking that that’s what is happening now.  I’m no conspiracy theorist, so I’m not saying that’s what is happening right now with vaccines or other plots. I just don’t know.

Do things like this make you fear?

Forty-plus years ago, I was taking a class on economics. The professor taught us many things he said we would never find in a textbook. Among many things he taught was that someday in the future, due to modern technology, robots, etc. that there would not be enough jobs to go around for those who wanted and needed a job. Then he said, there will not be the capability to produce the food to feed all the people on the earth. He concluded that lesson by saying that he shouldn’t be worrying about those things as he was already in his late 60’s and wouldn’t be around to see the solution, but deduced that many people will have to be gotten rid of somehow.  I never forgot that lecture, how scary it was and still is to me.

The title to this post, FEAR NOT, is the most often used phrase that Jesus repeated many times to His disciples and others who followed and believed Him.

Why did Jesus continue repeating this phrase to so many throughout His ministry on earth? Simple answer, He did not want His followers to fear things and be afraid. He would make that statement, Fear Not when people told him they feared something that had recently happened, or that they thought was imminently about to happen.

Does that last paragraph remind you of yourself in any way? I regret to admit this, but it reminds me of myself far too many times than I like to admit. (O ye of little faith.)  We’re all human, and when we think we see things ahead that we can do nothing to alter, we fear. At times like this, when we fear the unknown, Jesus would go to the troubled person while He was ministering on earth and tell them to Fear Not. But even today when we fear, Jesus comes to us, maybe through His Holy Spirit, and still comforts us with His wonderful admonition of Fear Not.

Most people fear the unknown, so how can we stop worrying and having FEAR?

The answer once again is simple if one wants to stop FEARING.

Here’s the secret of having no fear: get your spiritual house in order as quickly as possible. How does one do that? Get to know God as much as you possibly can. I suggest you begin by reading your Bible as much as possible. Make it your goal to read it and study it every day when most convenient to you.

The apostle Paul told Timothy to study to show yourself approved unto God… 2 Timothy 2:15. Paul knew at the time he told Timothy that not all scripture had yet been written. So Paul meant for Timothy (and us too) to study all you can about God. The book of Revelation, for example, would not be written for nearly 100 years after Jesus was seen going up to heaven to sit at the right hand of His Father. Many witnessed that event and wrote about it extensively.

So, if you truly believe in God, you will learn (as you read your Bible) that Jesus always taught that He was no respecter of persons. He PROMISED His followers that He would be with them and protect them until (and through) the end of the age.

Are we at, or near, the end of the age? I don’t know, nor does any other human. Trust me on this. However, as we read from Matthew 24: 3-14,  we learn that that passage tells us how things WILL BE before the end. I pray you will read that as soon as possible.

By reading your Bible you will learn of many martyrs that gave their lives for the faith they had in God. Stephen was the first we read about. He was being stoned to death because he would not denounce that Jesus was the Son of God and his Savior. As he was dying, Stephen said, “Father, forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” Once Stephen made that final statement of his life, another voice was heard. It was God saying to Stephen, and I paraphrase for simplicity, “Welcome home my beloved son. You have lived a good life, now you will be with me throughout eternity.”

Ask yourself this question and please think about this: Would anyone die for something they had doubts about? I wouldn’t.

I bring that thought up as a worst-case scenario concerning what many fear that could happen during and before the end of the age. Do you fear death may be required of you or a loved one because you will not deviate from your faith? That’s a fair question and one that someday many will have to face. The time will come someday when people may lose everything they own: their possessions, their jobs, and their careers, I mean everything. Again, read your Bible to see for yourself.

But FEAR NOT. Jesus said we need Not fear those who can destroy our bodies, but can never harm our souls which will live with Him throughout all eternity.

I hope you nor any of your family ever have to become a martyr for your faith.

But throughout humankind, we have seen it happen over and over. We need to know how the martyrs themselves faced their deaths. We read about this in our Bibles and other sources too. I especially recommend you read Foxes Book of Martyrs and a book on the lives of the Saints. Of course, these books will cost you a little money.

I want to conclude by asking you to read 2 Maccabees, chapter 7. It’s not in a Protestant Bible, but has been canonized in the Catholic Bible. Chapter 7 is only about 40 verses long, but I promise you it will make a forever impact on your life. Chapter 7 is about seven brothers who were martyred on the same day because they refused to eat pork at a Greek festival. Extrapolate that event to today. What are we asked to do that is against our faith and traditions?

Below is a link to 2 Maccabees chapter 7. (Please overlook the ads.)


God bless you,
Spencer and Sandra Plumley

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