April 1, 2020

Today is April 1st – April Fools Day. I remember what a fun day that was back in high school when I would make someone fall for an April fool.  I quit doing that after I got grown, even though I had them pulled on me a lot.  I usually always knew what someone was doing to me, but I would play along for their benefit.  Then they would say to me – April Fool!   Then we would all laugh about me being  tricked.

That was a lot of fun for everyone back then.  But there is a sad reality about someone being a fool in real life. And I see them every day.

Even in Biblical times we can read about many fools.  Not in every case does the word “Fool” occur.  But the reader of the Bible see that in those people’s behavior, they were a Fool.  My favorite story is of the rich man who had a bumper crop one year.  He said, “Look at what I have done!  I have so much of a crop that I will have to tear down all my barns and build bigger ones. Then I can eat, drink and be merry.”  Then Jesus added this to the story He had just told about this man:  He said, ”You fool.  This night thy SOUL will be required of you, then who will get all this wealth?”

That would be a very scathing indictment of the rich man wouldn’t it?

What would be the rich man’s sin?  It WASN”T the fact that he was rich.  So what was his sin?  Many things!  No, Jesus did not condemn people because they were rich.  Many people in Jesus’ time were rich.  Even in Old Testament times we read of many rich people whom God had blessed. Abraham, Job, King Soloman, and many others.  But all of them used their wealth to help others besides just their families. They were compassioonate with their wealth.

So here is why Jesus condemn this rich farmer:  First: he was arrogant by attributing his wealth to himself and not giving God any credit. Second: he was selfish in his wealth by saying, “I will eat, drink and  be merry.” Third: he apparently had no intentions of giving God His tithes, let alone giving to other needy people.  And I could go on naming other issues this rich farmer had.  I wonder how many of the seven deadly sins he had committed?  No wonder Jesus called him a fool.

What about you?  Have you committed any of the sins that this  rich farmer committed?  I hope not.  But remember this always – many sins are of omission – what you did not do. There are things that a person of God should do and know that they should do.  It’s up to you to be honest with yourself and honest with God about what you did wrong or failed to do.

I won’t try to name all of the possibilities.  There are just too many to try to enumerate.  But I believe if you will be honest with God and ask Him to show you your shortcomings (your sins), He will be glad to open your eyes.

I will mention just one thing, and if you will do that, your lifestyle will fall into conformity with what God expects of you.  Seek God first and all these other things shall be added to you.  You can fill in the blanks of what you think God wants of you, and then the other things you need.

Remember Joshua’s great statement, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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