June 3, 2020

First, I’ll jump to my answer to the title question:  yes, racism exists in America today AND throughout the planet.  But today’s racism, in my opinion, is NOT systemic as many preach.  I’ll explain that later.

Much of what is called racism today is not racism at all – it’s just simple hatred by some people towards others, regardless of the color of each of those involved.  It’s just the meanness of humankind that has existed since Original Sin.

Let’s look back in time. Why did Cain kill his brother, Able? Not because they were of different colors. I think it was due to jealously on Cain’s part, maybe over their chosen occupations. I don’t know.  But that just illustrates there have always been mean and sinful people in the world.  Now let’s jump forward from my Cain-Able example.  Let’s look at the issue of slavery throughout the world during the times it existed.

When I was a teenager, my aunt gave me a book all about the American Civil War.  I read all of it.  It had many pictures in it about slavery. One page that I remember right now consisted of four different photos. One showed a muscular Black man, stripped down to his underwear, in an auction ring being inspected as though he was a cow or horse before the bidding began.  Another photo showed the same man hugging and kissing his wife and children good-bye as they were being separated forever.  I looked at all those photos as a kid, and I’ve never told anyone this before,  but I began to cry.  I see now that was when I feel God was working on me to someday become a minister and speak out against humans doing wrong toward each other.

I would preach on such subjects as “if one can not love his brother, whom he can see, how can he love God whom he can not see?” And “love your neighbor as yourself.”  And the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  None of those subjects from God’s Word focused on color.  Just do right to your fellow man.

Then, jump ahead to when I was six years old. That was in 1954-1955 when I was in first grade. I was about to begin school.  My older cousins told me to be sure and get on the right bus.  One that came by our home picked up Black children (we called them “colored” back then) and the other bus picked up white children.  I’ll never forget asking my Granddaddy Jay (I thought he knew everything) why did Black children have to ride a different bus and go to a different school than white children?  He told me that he didn’t know.  That he knew it was wrong because God loved Black people just as much as He did white people.

It would be in the late sixties before that would happen (integration) in our school in Lewisville, Arkansas.  I felt that when that happened that America was on the right course to correcting our racial divide. 

But now I look back on Johnson’s 1964 Civil Rights Act and all the affirmative action laws that followed and still exist today. I felt then that what may have been passed as laws to equal everyone, would eventually bring a deeper division between the races.  And I was right.

I just finished reading a book that was published a short time ago. I got my copy straight from the publisher at a pre-publication discount.  The book is titled, “The Age of Entitlement: America since the sixties.”  It was written by Christopher Caldwell.  Every person, White or Black, should read this book.  Caldwell takes the reader step by step; what, when, and why these laws did not help, but have drastically caused division and resentment between the races. I lived to see these laws unfold before my very eyes, beginning from the death of Kennedy up until this very day.

As I write this, there is rioting, looting, killings, etc. over the unjust murder of George Floyd, a Black man. Many call his death police brutality. And it was and is. But I don’t think the white policeman necessarily killed Floyd because Floyd was Black. The policeman was just a mean and evil person with hatred in his heart.

Yes, the policeman was a rogue. He should never have been allowed to serve as a policeman. The policeman was corrupt. That does not mean that every policeman is corrupt or filled with hatred or racism, though. There are corrupt people in all professions. Corrupt politicians, doctors, lawyers, and I’m sad to say, ministers, too.  I could go on and on but won’t. 

Now, back now to the title of this post: “Is there racism in America now?” Certainly, there is, and always will be. That can not be fixed by any laws, though. Only by God coming into the hearts of the perpetrators.  But I’ve already said that I do not believe we have systemic racism in America today.

As the political campaign for the presidency nears its end, there are many accusations by the Democrats and other left-leaning people that we DO have systemic racism.  Let me ask a logical question about that accusation: If the Dems thought there is/was systemic racism in America, why haven’t they tried to fix it – eliminate it?

They have had many chances while they were in power. Eight years by Obama for example. And Biden has served in Congress since he was 30 years old, and vice president under Obama for eight years.  And other Dem leaders such as Pelosi and Schumer for most of their lives.  They could not fix systemic racism because it does not exist today.

Again, there will always be rogues like the white policeman who murdered George Floyd. But that’s not a systemic problem. That’s a sin problem.

We are taught throughout the Bible to pray for peace. Most Christians are doing that. But many people will always fan the fires of racism for political gain, etc.  DO NOT believe everything you read in a newspaper or hear on T.V. or radio. Consider the source and motive behind the “news” you listen to or read.

Unfortunately, there will be hatred among men until Jesus comes again. But don’t judge everything evil between men as racism. There are and always will be evil people in the world.

Pray for America!

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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