Do ALL Lives Matter to God?

August 30, 2020

The title of this post will probably make a lot of people angry at me.  But the title probably would have not offended anyone as of last January 2020.  Let me explain.

It was last January that Americans first heard of this novel virus, now called COVID-19 that started in China, was first being heard of and that it was being found in Washington state.

I told my wife then that the virus would probably spread across our country and that it would become very politicized. I guess I am part prophet because that has happened.

Bad things other than this virus have plagued our country since it arrived here and has spread and done so much damage. At this writing, it’s estimated that 175, 000 thousand people have died in America. That’s sad.

And in May of this year, a Black man, George Floyd, was killed by white police officers. The video of Floyd’s death just about told every honest viewer that his death was a needless murder.

Floyd’s unjust death started protests all across our country. Protesting is legal and protected by the Constitution.  But the peaceful protesting that was happening early on has since turned into rioting, looting, arson, hurting and even killing other people. That behavior is not protected by our Constitution.

The protesters of early on were soon organized and big money from many sources was funding them. One such organization was called Black Lives Matter aka BLM.

Those rioting and protesting in BLM are not just Black citizens trying to bring attention to some of the injustices they perceive to exist in America.  Many members of BLM are white people, some very educated. The movement has escalated to the BLM calling for America to become socialist. Many powerful politician are in lockstep with BLM.

The BLM movement has spawned the wearing of tee shirts, caps, and signage saying BLM.  In response to that, many people, Black and white have pushed back wearing clothing, carrying signs, etc. saying All Lives Matter. But that’s a no-no. You can’s do that because to the BLM movement, that’s like saying to them: Black Lives Don’t Matter.

I even posted that sentiment on social media that All Lives Matter. I was criticized by some saying I was just a member of the white privilege group. I resented that and still do.

One of the greatest tragedies coming from this protesting happened recently when a little five-year-old white boy was assassinated in North Carolina. His name was Cannon Hinnant. He was shot through the head at close range while riding his bicycle in his front yard by his 25-year-old next-door neighbor who was Black and a  former drug dealer and felon.

The story about Cannon’s death was scarce in all the mainstream media sources. I first learned of his death through social media. I was so angry over the death of this little innocent boy that I posted something derogatory about his murderer on Twitter. Twitter kicked me off their site for two days saying my post incited hate speech.

That was okay though as the next time I posted on the four social media sites I  used, I rephrased my disappointment about the death of Cannon and asked all my contacts to make Cannon’s name as popular as George Floyd’s.

I’m thankful I am not the only person who was angered by Cannon’s senseless murder and had guts enough to write about it. 

The other morning, August 26, I read an interesting column in my local paper, The Longview News-Journal, by another person who was outraged by Cannon Hinnant’s death. The article was written by Christine Flower’s, an attorney, and writer for the Deleware County Times.

Her column was very relevant and I emailed her and asked for permission to make a few quotes from her story to include in this blog post.  She responded permitting me to quote her.

Ms. Flower’s got immediately to one of the main points of her column. She said that the killing of Cannon Hinnant was not about race. She even told of Cannon’s parents and family saying that they did not think the killing was about race. Her anger was kindled by the media not reporting much about Cannon because he was not black or brown.

She furthermore stated how hated it is by BLM if someone states that Blue Lives Matter or the hated All Lives Matter. She said that such people are brainwashed. She concluded her column by saying, “ I refuse to capitulate in that and pander to the type of person who only has a limited amount of compassion, all of which was exhausted after the Floyd funeral.”

I think just about all honest thinking people will agree with Christine Flower’s column.

I started this post by asking in the title, Do All Lives Matter to God? That was not intended as a rhetorical question. What do you think?

I think of three scriptures that answer that question for me. 1) God created man in His own image (Gen. 1: 26-27)  2) Love thy neighbor as thyself (Rom. 13:9) and 3) Whosoever calls upon the name of the Lord may be saved (Rom. 10:13).

I extrapolate those scriptures to declare that God is saying, “All men are created equal regardless of race, color, or station in life.”  I know God is saying, “All lives matter to Me.”

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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