April 8, 2020

When I was just a little boy, I think around six years old, my Grandmother Plumley bought me an illustrated Bible for Christmas that year.  I nearly wore it out looking at all the pictures in it.  One of my favorite pictures to look at was the famous drawing of David and Goliath.

I don’t know why I liked that picture so much as a little boy.  But as I got a little older and could read real well, when I read the story about David challenging Goliath in a battle in 1 Samuel: 17,
 I realized that the story, although very real,  became a metaphor from that time forward about Good vs. Evil.  It was also a story of an underdog facing what looked like sure death.  David was so young and so small facing Goliath, an older and much more experienced Goliath.

King Saul didn’t want David challenging Goliath.  I am sure Saul thought David would perish in the contest.  But David said, “Isn’t there a cause?  I am tired of this uncircumcised Phillistine defying God’s people.  I’ve faced big obstacles before.  At separate times I had to kill a bear and a lion trying to kill my father’s sheep (another metaphor, Sheep were often used to illustrate God’s people)  King Saul,  I have been victorious in the past facing huge obstacles, and I will be successful today too as I face Goliath.”

We know the story,  David did face Goliath in head to head combat, and David killed Goliath and cut off his head with Goliath’s own sword.

The story has been read about and told forever about how God’s people do not have to be afraid of facing horrible battles in their lives.  We are promised by God that He will always be with us; He will not forsake us.

As people face these fearful and uncertain times all over the world because of this COVID-19 virus,  I have not lost hope due to the size of this enemy or because it’s invisible.

I think President Trump has done the best anyone could do as a leader, spearheading this charge against this virus.  I have heard him say many times that we were in a war.  And that we were all in this together.  He was speaking of all the country’s governors, and others in positions of leadership, who have worked harder and longer than they ever have in their lives to do whatever is necessary to defeat this enemy.

I heard of one of President Trump’s insiders talking the other day on a radio talk show telling a very inspiring and encouraging story about the President.  The insider said that that day, while in a small group that the President was off by himself and they could tell that he was praying.  All of a sudden, the President began to cry.  I don’t think many people  understand how this crisis is affecting our President.  May God bless him and give him wisdom.

I’ve heard many people among the leaders working on alleviating this crisis as soon as possible saying that we were facing unprecedented times.  That we had never seen anything this virus before.
However, I don’t see these times as unprecedented .  Even in America, we have had tough times in the past.  I’ve personally never seen anything like this before.  But I had relatives that told me about the great depression of the 1930’s.  My Granddaddy Sinclair told me of that event.  He said many times during that depression that he would work all day long making railroad ties for 50 cents a day. And that he was happy to get it.

I have read of some that are still alive today talking about the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 that killed millions of people worldwide.

Then as history is measured, we must look beyond America and see those worldwide who suffered through pestilence and plagues. Millions died during those times.

Unprecedented?  Not at all.  We’ll survive this virus too.  If we look on the negative side and worst comes to worst, what is the worst thing that can happend to you?  You could suffer financial ruin.  But even if you contracted the virus and died, that’s not your end.  It’s really the beginning for you throughout all eternity if you know Jesus.

Recently on Fox news, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas said he wouldn’t mind dying if it would save our country and way of life for his children and grandchildren.  I admired him for saying that even though he caught a lot of criticism for saying it.

Yes, this is a war.  But just as David defeated a much bigger enemy than himself, he prevailed.  And we will too!

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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