June 28, 2020

On May 20, 2020, I posted an article called BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE.  Today’s post is an important addendum to that post. The original post was mostly about people’s health issues.  This post will continue on that same subject.

Early during the beginning of my posts, I shared with you about a visit I made to my rheumatologist about arthritis I was having in my hands. After an initial visit and four hours testing, he told me, “You do have arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis – but you have a more serious problem we must address first. You have severe gout all over your body. The kind of gout that can kill you just like cancer if you don’t have it treated. You have probably had this gout for 10 to 15 years. I can treat it but you have to lose all that extra body weight or the meds I prescribe will not work properly.”

He went on to tell me about the kinds of foods I could eat and not eat.  I followed his instructions religiously. And within a year I lost 100 pounds I did not need.  In addition to his many instructions, I did a tremendous amount of research on how to treat gout. 

The doctor eventually brought my gout under control by getting the uric acid under control in my blood. I am still learning what to do to keep gout under control.  But about three months ago, I started having a lot of trouble with arthritis in my hands. So I went back to the doctor and told him my problem.  He prescribed several medicines which I am still taking now.  But again I did a lot of research.  I read about arthritis being a problem associated with inflammation.  So I started studying all I could about what causes inflammation in one’s body in the first place.

So far, I have learned much.  I have read about inflammation being caused by several things, but particularly about the things we eat. And also things like not getting enough sleep, not doing enough exercise, or worry and anxiety.

During my research, I was reminded about a quote I have known and adhered to for 50 years. “ no matter how occupied a man, he must snatch at least one hour for study daily.”  –  THE BRATZLAVER, 1780-1811.  A great quote and great admonition.

So, as I continued to study about inflammation I ran across a book I had never heard of.  It was titled, “ Arthritis Reversed” by Dr. Mark Wiley.  It was the second edition, copyrighted in 2014. The book has been out long enough to have received much publicity.  So I ordered the book and it was delivered to my house last Friday.  It’s 276 pages and I have already read half of it.  Dr. Wiley was a medical doctor for years when he discovered that traditional Western medicine only treats the symptoms of problems and rarely goes after the source of the problem. That’s when he decided to study around the globe and learn holistic medicines which are better for one than traditional medicines. He says that traditional medicine can mask the symptoms but usually can harm one’s body in other ways. He says that the cure is worse than the disease.

Wiley touts the benefits of the right foods one should eat and should not eat.  His attitude reminded me of what Hippocrates said in his medical practice in the fourth century B.C.  He said, “ Let your medicine be your food, and let your food be your medicine.” Indeed it is becoming clearer by science that we are what we eat. ( and sometimes what we don’t eat).

In an age where research is so easy to do, one has no excuse not to be armed with the latest updates on just about any health issue.  I take that info to the doctor I am going to concerning my health issues.

Dr. Wiley tells his readers that no one is going to be as concerned about your health as you are, and that it’s your responsibility to learn and do what you can to help yourself.  I agree 100%.

God Bless,
Spencer Plumley

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