November 1, 2020

I am happy to say that I have readers from several countries besides America.  But today’s post is primarily for my readers in America.

I want to ask my readers an important question?  Have you voted yet?   If not, the last day to vote is election day, Nov. 3rd. You will probably encounter long lines and maybe hours of waiting.  But I do encourage all to go vote. It’s your patriotic duty.  People in some countries can only wish they had the privilege to vote, and for their vote to count.

At this late date, I doubt many do not have their minds made up as to whom to vote for.  Certainly, many down-ballot positions need to be voted on, but I am mainly talking about your choice for President.

You may ask yourself, “Who should I vote for?  I hear so much about each candidate.”  Well, that may be a tough question for you. But it’s up to you alone to discover the answer.

Let me share a thought with you.  I am on four different social media platforms.  On one of them, every day, I see a statement, question, or suggestion from one of the Bishops in Texas.

He has been making statements to everyone who will read his posts about this upcoming election.  He has to at least appear to be as neutral as possible without offending anyone, especially his parishioners.

Here’s what  he has been telling people who read his posts about who to vote for.  He can’t even call out the two names running in the major parties and say, “Vote for the better of these.”  So he’s very shrewd and polite.  This is what he says:  Vote for the person who holds forth the teachings of the Church, who would never do anything contrary to God’s laws such as promoting abortion (murder), disobeying our constitution, does not believe in freedom, does not believe in our right to assemble and freedom of the press, etc.

Then the choice is clearly up to you as for whom to cast your vote.

I was thinking the other day, what if I had been in a coma for the last 10 years and suddenly woke up with all my former memories and capabilities and found out election day was a week away and I was still registered to vote.  Who would I vote for in this election?

I would do what I have always done throughout my life on making such a decision.  I would research both candidates. I would try to discover which of the two was a better choice. I would look at their previous record. That usually dictates how they would do in the future if elected.   I would look at what each candidate had promised to do in his previous elections, and how many of his promises he kept or at least tried to keep.  And of course, I would pray for divine guidance.

You say, “that’s hard to do.”  Yes, it is. But you don’t get a second chance once you vote. You don’t want a case of “buyers remorse.”  So yes, work to find your answer.

Let me share a little story that may help you. Hold on and read this because it’s relevant.

Thirty-five years ago I was pastoring three churches around Malvern, Arkansas.  Sandra and I invited a new family that had joined the largest church to have dinner with us.  The couple was middle-aged but had a little boy five years old at the time.

Just as we sat down to eat and before grace was said, the little boy’s father said to him, “John, tell Brother Plumley the new poem you learned.”  John began reciting by memory the new poem. It was this: “ God loves the little birds of the air, but He doesn’t put their food in their nest.  And those who work the hardest always do the best.”

When John finished, I bragged on him and asked him where he learned that poem.  I looked at his dad who was smiling from ear to ear.  John said, “My Daddy taught it to me.”

I said, “John, that a keeper. I’ll have to save that.” And I did and have used it many time since then.

Just about everything worthwhile is worth working hard to achieve it.  That includes work necessary to know who to vote for.

Too many think their vote is only one so why bother? Another story:  Forty-something years ago I ran for a seat on my local school board. I had one child already in school and two more would be attending soon. I did my campaigning diligently. I had one opponent who was older than me, better known and better financed.  At the end of election night, it was announced to the public that after three re-counts the election was a tie.  The only legal solution was to have another election two weeks later.

So I made my rounds again campaigning diligently. So many of my friends told me, “we thought you had it won, in the bag,  and didn’t think you needed our vote.”

Two weeks later, on election night It was announced that I was the winner with a 99 vote margin. So, yes, one vote does count.  By the way, my opponent and I were friends and still are today.

This election for President is predicted to be too close to call as I write this on Saturday night.

I’m no prophet, so I have no idea who will win.  But I’ll always know I did my best to get my choice elected.  That way I can rest, knowing I did all I could do.

Go vote Tuesday. You won’t regret it.

God bless you,
Spencer Plumley

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