October 20, 2019

In my last post, I quoted from Genesis where God declared that everything He created was very good. I mostly focused on food, nutrition, medicine, wellness, etc. But God also said in that same passage that He had given mankind dominion over all the animals He had created. God loves His animals. They all have a purpose. Sometimes mankind doesn’t know what that purpose is, but there is a purpose. Often we may wish that God had not made some animals, like mosquitoes and other insects that we consider pests. But God knew what He was doing during creation, so I don’t question His wisdom.

The Bible teaches that we are supposed to be good to animals. Thankfully, there are laws that punish people when they mistreat animals. Especially when people kill endangered species like eagles, whooping cranes, rhinos, etc., – even ugly animals like buzzards (vultures) and others that serve good purposes. The Bible says that God even knows the fall of every sparrow.

The other night, after I’d had had a very long and tiring day, I was having trouble going to sleep, so Sandra said to me, “Just remember what your grandmother Sinclair used to tell you to do when you had trouble going to sleep: start counting your blessings.” So I did that. I started counting my blessings.  Literally.

After a few minutes, Smokey, one of our two 19-year-old cats that sleeps in bed with us, came up to me and started rubbing his head on my cheek. He does Sandra the same way, too. He does that every night. It’s his way of showing us he loves us and wants us to show him some affection, too. And we always love on him, stroke his back, etc. That event with Smokey that night got me to thinking for a long time about how we are blessed with our pets. Actually, Sandra and I have three cats and three dogs, and they all sleep in bed with us. They love it so much, and so do we! Not only do we take care of our pets, but they help take care of us; usually on an emotional level. I read recently that people who have pets and interact with them usually live longer than people who don’t have pets.

I have a friend who had a little dog for many years. The dog died several years ago and my friend had him cremated. He has given instructions to his family to have his dog’s ashes put in his casket when he’s buried. I’ve read about certain tribes of Native Americans who would have their horses buried with them when they died.

I was talking to one of my cousins, Pansy Ann, by phone a few nights ago. We talked about our pets for at least 30 minutes. She said she guessed it was just God putting something in us for us to love our pets and for them to love us in return. And it’s not just our small house pets; I’ve had many horses and even one real big bull who showed me how much he loved me and enjoyed my showing him affection.

My family, for as far back as I can remember, has always loved animals. My wife really loves animals. My son, John Paul, even had a pet snake one time when he was in the Navy. And my granddaughter, Summer, has adopted several rescue animals.

When we moved to Longview last February, I asked my sister, Lana, if she could recommend a good vet to us. She said she could; that this man was not only a good vet, but also a very good man. So we started using this local vet. One morning we had an early appointment for him to check our two 19-year-old cats. He was late to his clinic. He apologized for being late and told us he had to bury his old cat before he could leave home. Then he started telling us all about his cat. He would talk awhile, then cry awhile. He apologized again for crying, and said it was just that he loved his cat so much. Then he said, “After all, she was one of God’s creatures, too.”

I don’t know how much  theology you see in this post, but it’s there if you know how to read between the lines.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley