This photo was taken in November of 2015 for her 50th wedding anniversary. At the time I was weighing 275 pounds. Within the past year, 2019, I have lost 100 pounds. Sandra has lost weight, too!

My name is Spencer Plumley and I want to write this brief biography in the first person so that you can get to know me better. The better you know me, the more you will trust me as I blog about so many important things which affect your lives.

I have been a preacher for 50 years in two major well respected protestant denominations. So far, all of my pastoring was in Arkansas. I just moved to Longview, Texas in February of 2019. I am 70 years old. That means I have had lots of experience in life. In addition to preaching, I have had to work on several other kinds of jobs to better support myself and family. I have been a licensed master plumber, a licensed Realtor, a real estate developer, owned rental property, performed as a humorist throughout the South and worked for many years as a state plumbing inspector in Arkansas. And I have authored two books. During my ministry I have felt like the Apostle Paul must have felt as he worked as a tent maker in addition to his preaching.

With my age and many varied experiences in life I am reminded of the members of the Sanhedrin Court during New Testament biblical times. According to history and tradition of the era, the members of the Court had to be elders at least 70 years old. The Bible, especially the wisdom books, spoke often about the gray haired people of wisdom. I have spent my adult life trying to help people with the wisdom I’ve learned.
I have been married to my wife, Sandra, for 53 years. We have three children (the oldest one deceased at age 34.) We have five grandchildren. Our family is the joy of our lives.

I am a Bible believing preacher who believes that, according to scripture, godliness is profitable unto all things. 

I pray that you will become a loyal follower of my blog and learn many things which will improve every aspect of your life.