June 24, 2020

Many people have asked me lately, “What do you see ahead for the future of our country?”

I wish I could answer that question, but I can’t.  I have told all my questioners that the outcome of what’s going to happen to our country will depend on who is elected President in Nov. 2020.

Right now we see a racial divide in America like I have not seen in my lifetime. There’s rioting, looting, burnings, killings, and tearing down of many historical statues and monuments.  Where is this heading?  Again, I don’t know. Only God knows the future.

Last week I got a letter in the mail from a Washington insider friend.  He has been an advisor to the CIA and the Pentagon. He had some insider information he wanted to share with me and my family. He had seen an official document about the military top-secret plans if coronavirus cripples the government. He went on to reveal that the U.S. Military has plans of how to deal with widespread violence due to food shortages.

According to a recent Newsweek article, the military issued orders to prepare for some form of martial law in “extreme circumstances.”

It is predicted now by many prominent economists that we are headed to a global depression worse than the one that started in 1929 when the stock market completely crashed.

Have you ever seen pictures of thousands of cars waiting in line to receive food from the Greater Community Food Bank in Pittsburgh, PA? And there were other scenes just like it all across America.

My friend says he prayed he was wrong, but all evidence points to a coming depression.

What would you do if you didn’t have enough food to feed your children?  I don’t know, either.

But if (and maybe when) rioting and killings continue, the leadership of our country will have to make difficult decisions.  Every week I read where gun sales in America have broken new sales records.  And at the same time, you hear of political factions wanting to and trying to weaken or do away with our second amendment rights. We are facing scary times ahead.

If our country gets in an all-out civil war, I know what I will do, do you?  The law of the land and Biblical Law both allow for a person to defend himself and his family in self-defense, even if it entails killing the perpetrator. I too pray that that won’t happen.

However, I have always adhered to a motto of the U.S. Boy Scouts I learned when I was a youth, “Be Prepared.”

I want to be prepared in many ways. I keep telling people about Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas.  I heard him in an interview on Fox News about six weeks ago.  Dan just turned 70 years old. He told Fox, “ I am willing to sacrifice my life that my children and grandchildren can enjoy the same kind of life I have enjoyed as an American. (That was a paraphrase.)  Dan caught much criticism over that interview. But I agree with him 100%.

Older people may be too weak or feeble to fight in combat. But every freedom-loving American can and must do something to preserve our Republic and keep it free.

During World War Two, every able-bodied man signed up for the war effort. It was touted as the war to end all wars. The women of America went to work in factories to help out in the war effort. The women were nicknamed “Rosie the Riveter.”

Indeed this present war effort must include all freedom-loving people.  You can fight in many ways. First, get involved in the political system. Vote and carry and encourage all your friends to vote.  I am reminded of the Biblical directive telling us that we are fighting spiritual wickedness in high places. We have political leaders who are corrupt and sinful who should never have been elected in the first place.

Lastly, I want to explain the title to this post. It comes from Ecclesiastes 3 which begins by telling us that there is a time for every season and purpose under the heaven. Then, in verse 8, we are told there is a time of war and a time of peace. I don’t presume to know this, but may be we see shortly that it is a time for war.

God Bless You,
Spencer Plumley

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